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Self T anner
Tantasia Model with Tantasia Applied Tantasia From Jane Iredale
Sublime, health y -glowing color - it’ s everything you’ ve
ever w anted in a natural tan.
Apply T ant asia Self T anner to the f ace and body to build a nat ural looking t an. R epeat daily.to build color until a golden t an has been ac hie v ed. Use frequently to maint ain color . T o minimiz e the c hance of transf er to clothing , allo w 1 5-20 minutes, longer if y ou can, bef ore get ting dressed. It’ s best to w ear dark clothing immediately f ollo wing application.
A moisturizing, natural self-tanner for face and body.
No sun r equir ed f or a fla wless tan!
Y ou know the signs of a sunless tan gone wrong—orange streaks on elbows, stained pillows and towels, ugly palms and the unpleasant after smell that lingers all day. It’s all over now! jane iredale has developed an entirely new approac h to self-tanning. A whole new world in fact: Tantasia
Thr ee da ys t o a perf ect tan.
Over three days, T antasia builds to a perfect color that lasts muc h longer than most self tanner s because, believe it or not, it’ s your own  tan. Its unique ingredients work with your own melanin to produce a tan that is your s alone.  Apply once a day and w atc h the color develop. When you have enough tan (does that ever happen?), enjoy your new color . Then simply touc h up later on should you see the color fading.
What mak es T antasia dif f er ent fr om all the other self tanners?
Builds a gradual natural looking tan within just 3 days, for optimal control and customization. Fresh citrus fragrance Streak free formula Sensitivity tested for multipurpose use on face and body Provides natural hydration to the skin
L i k e   a l l   j a n e   i r e d a l e   p r o d u c t s ,   T a n t a s i a   u s e s   i n g r e d i e n t s t h a t   y o u d   e x p e c t   f r o m   t h e   b e s t   s k i n   c a r e .
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